Starting today, February 22nd 2006, The Canadian Hedgehog Association has its own hedgehog registry!

What does it mean for you?

The registry service will be a lot more faster for you. Since we don't have to wait for help and numbers from the International Registry, we are in full control from start to finish. It's OUR registry!

The registry form is even easier and faster to fill out.

We still have the same goals and hopes : register as many blood lines as possible throughout Canada to learn and prevent major health problems and to communicate any change with the hedgehog community as fast as possible.

Before buying a hedgehog

If you are planning on buying a new hedgehog from a breeder, you can contact us first with the pedigree to check on the bloodlines to make sure there is no known health problem. It will be our pleasure to help you out.

For breeders

It is very important to keep our work alive by registering your litters. Not only do you offer something more to your customers but you also show how responsible you are as a breeder.


If you have changes to make to your previous registries, it is very important to contact us. If your animal passed away, if he's sick with WHS or if he has new owners, we would like to know.